Queen Latifah

DATE OF BIRTH March 18, 1970


Queen Latifah‘s rise to fame began with the release of her first single at 17, when the crown-wearing rapper emerged as hip-hop’s renaissance feminist. Today, the larger-than-life actor, rapper, singer, plus-size spokesperson and philanthropist transcends age, ethnicity and size as Hollywood’s most beautiful Every woman.

Did we mention her acting! The Grammy-winning entertainer turned in critically acclaimed performances as an actress – from headlining her own sitcom, Living Single, to playing a woman struggling with HIV in HBO‘s Life Support, to her Oscar-nominated turn in the star-studded movie-musical Chicago. The Cover Girl cosmetics and Jenny Craig spokeswoman has since returned to movie-musicals in the star-studded hit Hairspray.

On the other hand, QUEEN LATIFAH has a Lesbian Confession?

After years of keeping quiet about her personal life, we all love her for what is represent. Queen Latifah’s lesbian confession will come in the form of her own daytime talk show in 2013. A lot of people has talked about this since they watched the movie Set It Off, of  The Queen’s Kissing Scene. Other people thought this when first came on the seen on her first single.

Could it be that the very private actress is finally going to let her fans in on her life, the National Enquirer is saying but is there any truth there?

It was news to me that Queen Latifah was getting her own talk show next year, I remember when around about or maybe in 2000 or 2001 when she had first talk show and I haven’t seen it any more. I am glad that she is bring it back when a Huge Topic.

So when I recently read an article that the show would also feature the singer talking about her personal life I was shocked on two levels. There has been years of speculation that she is a lesbian, something that has never been confirmed or denied by the talented lady. Now there is a possibility that the answer to  that question will come without anyone even realizing it.

The National Enquirer is not exactly the most reputable news source but they claim to have a source close to Dana Elaine Owens’, Latifah’s real name. On the new show that she says, she will for the first time ever talk about her coming out. How amazing is that! Again consider the source but in all reality her own talk show could be a great place for her to share her experience. Most people feels, for some reason are able to become open and want to come out on a talk show.

I mean she may be private but that doesn’t mean she has been a virgin  about her personal life. (?)  Allegedly she dated her personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins for years and most recently she has been photographed with choreogra­pher Eboni Nichols who is now rumored to be her girlfriend. Pictures of the two ladies were taken this past spring when they vacationed together in Barbados. Thing make you go Hmmmmmm.

Now I have read somewhere that during an interviewer the singer had this to say when asked about her sexuality.

“I’ve never dealt with the question of my personal life in public.”

A very evasive answer for sure, but it say that she was actually honest.

She is one of the few in Hollywood who has never really had the question of her sexuality be important. Sure people assumed but it wasn’t an issue like say John Travolta. personally am a really big fan of hers and I will tune into her talk show whether she decides to share details of her personal life with viewers or not.

Next fall fans will know for sure if in fact the Queen Latifah lesbian confession will actually happen or not. Until then I am sure there will continue to be a number of rumors on whether or not she will actually come out to the public or not.

Will if she does it doesn’t matter on whatever are  however she decides to do will not change a thing.

She will continue to be an amazing singer, actress, comedian and talk show host.

Her show will be awesome better than a few other names I will not mention. LOL!

I have given you my thoughts on this topic now how about you share yours with me.

Queen Latifah  Queen Latifah 4

Queen Latifah performs “I know Where I’ve Been”


Pink The singer

Alecia Beth Moore was born September 8, 1979 we known her as Pink. She has been described as “the world’s most underrated superstar” by journalist James Montgomery and as “one of the most talented artists out there today” by songwriter Kara DioGuard Pink The singer

Pink is my all time Fave Celebrity, I love her so my much. She Rocks it Out!

Alecia Beth Moore – September 8, 1979 in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

Pink (there are a variety of stories about the origin of the nickname) grew up in a musical family. At age 14, she began writing and singing some of her own songs in clubs in Philadelphia. She was spotted by an MCA Records executive who asked her to audition for a group. She made it into Basic Instinct, but they quickly folded. She was then recruited into a group named Choice signed to the LaFace label. When they disbanded, she was offered a solo contract.

Pink’s First Success:

Pink’s first album, Can’t Take Me Home, released in 2000, was recorded with a wide range of R&B songwriters and producers. Pink has said she really didn’t like this direction for her music, but the album sold over 2 million copies and included the top 10 hit singles “Most Girls” and “There You Go.” While preparing for her next solo album, she performed as part of a star-studded remake of “Lady Marmalade” with Lil’ Kim, Christina Aguilera, and Mya.

Top Pink Singles:

  • 2000 – “There You Go” – #3
  • 2000 – “Most Girls” – #3
  • 2001 – “Lady Marmalade – #1
  • 2001 – “Get the Party Started” – #1
  • 2002 – “Don’t Let Me Get Me” – #2
  • 2002 – “Just Like a Pill” – #3
  • 2006 – “U + Ur Hand” – #5
  • 2006 – “Who Knew” – #4
  • 2008 – “So What” – #1

Trivia Fact About Pink:

Pink had a small cameo role as a dirt bike race promoter in the movie Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.

Shifts in Style:

Eager to head into a more rock direction, Pink hooked up with ex-4 Non Blondes singer Linda Perry in late 2001. The resulting album Missundaztood appeared in 2002. It reached the top 10 on the album chart and included the top 10 pop singles “Get the Party Started,” “Don’t Let Me Get Me,” and “Just Like a Pill.” Pink’s next album Try This, released in 2003, was even more rock-oriented. Its sales weren’t as strong in the U.S., but it still did well overseas.

Pink Gets Married and the Future:

Pink toured extensively in Europe following Try This and she picked up a U.S. Grammy Award for Female Rock Performance for the song “Trouble.” For the next two years, Pink largely withdrew from the public spotlight. However, her personal life was heading in a rewarding direction. In 2005, she married her long-time boyfriend, motocross racer Carey Hart, in Costa Rica.

In early 2006 Pink announced that she would have a new album titled I’m Not Dead out in April. In advance of the album, she released a video for a song titled “Stupid Girls” that satirically took aim at what she deems the shallow celebrity lifestyles of Britney Spears,Jessica Simpson, and Lindsay Lohan, among others. The song became a top 20 hit single and was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal. I’m Not Dead debuted inside the top 10 of the album chart.

“Who Knew,” the follow-up single to “Stupid Girls,” stiffed on the chart in its initial release, but Pink returned to the spotlight as the opening act on tour with Justin Timberlake. Partially due to the high profile publicity, “U + Ur Hand,” the 3rd single from I’m Not Dead, turned into a top 5 smash. It was followed by a re-release of “Who Knew” that reached the pop top 5 as well.

In early 2008, Pink announced that she was separated from her husband Carey Hart, and in the fall, she was back near the top of the charts on both sides of the Atlantic with the charging pop-rock hit “So What.” The album Funhouse hit #2 becoming her biggest hit album yet, and it ultimately generated four top 40 pop singles. The new song “Raise Your Glass”heralded a greatest hits collection on the way in the fall of 2010.

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